About E5M Hydro Wash, LLC



Hi, my name is Gene "Kevin" Marshall, Jr. of E5M Hydro Wash, LLC in Northport, Alabama. I am a native of Northport and a graduate of Tuscaloosa County High School. After graduating I got started into the electrical trade, upon finishing my electrical training, I wanted something more, so I enlisted into the U.S. Marine Corps at the age of 22. After 12 years of service I was medically retired due to service related injuries involving my shoulders, knees, and my neck. I returned home and went back to what I knew, electrical work for the next 6 years. Everyday was a struggle dealing with the pain associated with all of my injuries. It wasn't until COVID-19, that I would soon realize that I was meant for a different line of work. In March of 2020, I lost my job and was laid off as an Industrial Electrician. I went to work for a cousin pressure washing all of his fast food restaurants. At the end of my first day, it dawned on me that after 10 hours of pressure washing, my body did not hurt the way it would when I was doing electrical work. The only pain I felt was the pain that I had normally without any aggravation to the injury areas mentioned above. I made the decision to start my own pressure washing business because of the relief from the pain that the work brought me. On July 6, 2020, E5M Hydro Wash, LLC was created. I am licensed for both Northport and Tuscaloosa, as well as insured.

On a personal note, I do not like things to be dirty. The Marines took it a step further and honed my skill of attention to detail. In all of the things that I do, I believe it should be done right the first time, with extreme excellence, and the work performed should reflect the pride a man has with having his name associated with the final result. I will not leave a job unsatisfactory and it will be up to my standards before I do so.

So how did I come up with E5M Hydro Wash, LLC as the name for this business? I get asked this question a lot. As I mentioned above, I was a U.S. Marine. When I received my Medical Retirement, my rank was Sergeant. The paygrade for a Sergeant in the Marines is an E5. When speaking on radios or other communications equipment, Marines do not use their last names to identify who they are---they use the alpha phonetic alphabet and the corresponding letter that matches their last name. So, for my case, I would say, "Echo Five Mike" to identify myself to whomever I was speaking with. Hence the name E5M Hydro Wash, LLC.

As the sole member of E5M Hydro Wash, LLC, I would like thank you for your consideration as the exterior washing company for your home or business.

Gene K. Marshall, Jr.